4 Steps To Incorporate Positive Thinking

Those that know me well will say that the words “positive thinking” are a regular part of my vocabulary. I do my best to think positively, even in the worst situations. I find that it brings peace, and when we regularly think positive thoughts, life regularly brings positive situations.

One would think that maintaining positive thoughts is easy. It is as long as you make it habit. The problem is that, for many people, maintaining positive thoughts is difficult. This is because for a long time they have allowed negative thoughts to dominate. As they try to think positively, the negative thoughts creep back in and tend to take over. This can sometimes happen with even the best positive thinkers, mainly because it is simply human nature.

So how do we stop these negative thoughts from taking over? I’ve often read that we don’t try to stop them. Instead, it is best to take the negative thoughts and turn them into positive. It’s like when you have a glass full of mud. The best way to get rid of the mud is to let clean water run through the glass until the clean water eventually takes over the muddy, cloudy water. As I was seeking information about this topic online, I came across an excellent article which provides a 4 step formula for incorporating positve thinking in our lives. Here are the 4 steps:

  1. Stop! When you realize negative thoughts are entering your mind stop it and don’t let it go any further.
  2. Prove it wrong. Think of a situation which shows that the negative thought is not true.
  3. Rephrase it. Turn it into a positive. Let the clean water run until the mud is out.
  4. Visualize success. The more you visualize positive results, the more your mind believes it. The more your mind believes it, the more it acts accordingly, leading you to greater success.

I find this to be very helpful information. It has helped me, and I share it with you, hoping it will do the same. I have enclosed a link to the entire article. Enjoy the blessings!!


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