From Mind Success to Life Success

One of the most powerful quotes I learned last year is from Joseph Murphy’s book, “The Power of the Subsconscious Mind”. He says..”Any thought fixed firmly in the mind, backed by faith will come to pass”.

The above quote came to mind recently as I had a conversation with my parents. We recalled a situation that came up during a family visit in Florida last year. My father is 68 years old and plays in a softball league with men his age, and some who are 10-15 years older than that. The quality of play in this league is top notch. I was invited to play. I consider myself a fairly good softball player. However, I was nervous about this opportunity. It was February, and I hadn’t played since July. And I didn’t play too well during that season. I was looking forward to playing, but I was also nervous that I would be inferior and embarrass myself in front of these players that were 25-30 years older than me.

I decided that, in order to do the best I could and avoid embarassment, I needed to do two things. One was to pray. The second was to fix my mind on success. What I did was imagine myself catching the ball over and over again. Fly balls, ground balls, line drives, etc. I then imagined myself continually hitting the ball solidly. In my mind I didn’t even imagine hitting the ball over everyone’s head, but just solid, hard hits.

What was the result? From the time I took the practice field, I caught every ball. I ended up having  one of the best softball games of my life. I felt very confident, caught every ball, and even hit a home run! It wasn’t a far home run, just a  solid line drive that got past everyone. It was the same type of hit I imagined!

I share this to discuss something I wish to make a main theme of this blog, and my life this year. That is, the power of our mind to help us succeed. This was done in a simple softball game. If it enabled success there, it could do so anywhere. Whatever area of life you are looking to succeed in, see yourself doing it and doing well over and over again. Watch it happen, and feel how good it feels. You will experience the same success I had during my softball game. I made no extra efforts to succeed. Instead, I was confident because I had already “experienced” success. Everything on the field seemed so natural, and I just went about doing things that way.

When you experience success in your mind, you will live your life confidently and naturally. Then you will continue to build on that success. Once that happens, you will look back and be amazed at the trail of victories you encounter. Enjoy the blessings : )

2 Responses to From Mind Success to Life Success

  1. Stacey says:

    Good day I really enjoyed your informative blog post on From Mind Success to Life Success. I really enjoy reading your blog. Great information!

    • Joe Dalio says:

      Thank you very much for visiting my site and for the wonderful comment. I certainly hope you continue to find the information on this blog helpful and informative. Have an excellent day : )

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