Envision Success

Where does success begin? The answer is simple. It begins in our minds. Isn’t it true that all great accomplishments began as a thought in one’s head?

I am seeing more and more how important it is to see success in our minds, even though we may feel we are nowhere near it. We need to see our goals being accomplished, even though we have no clue how it will happen. We need to remain faithful, even though we may have no reason to believe our goal will be realized.

Somehow, some way, we will see our dreams realized. We just need to have faith, and maintain the knowledge that by doing our part, and letting God do His, great things will happen. The key is to imprint these thoughts on our minds and carry them with us wherever we go. By living them out in our minds, they seem to eventually appear in real life right in front of us. I am realizing more each day how true this is.

I do not mean to sound “preachy”. It’s just that I feel such a new confidence as I follow these principles, and I can see the positive changes beginning to occur in my life. I feel the need to share these ideas with anyone willing to read them in the hopes that they would feel the same confidence that I do. As always, I encourage your feedback and would love to hear your success story.

Have an excellent day : )

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