Power Over Fear

September 3, 2011

One of our greatest enemies in life is fear. It holds us back from so many great things in life, and the stress it causes results in sickness and lack of joy. I especially hate it in my own life because it means that I am lacking the faith in God, and the faith necessary to excell in life.

So how can we defeat fear? There are several ways. We can pray and ask for God’s help. We can make believe it’s not there. We can take action and forget it’s there.

Among all this, there is one method that I’ve read in several sources over the years that seems to work best. The fears we have are in our mind. In fact, most of our fears don’t even exist. They are simply imagined events or situations that have occurred in only one place..our own minds. Once we realize this, the key is to simply change our thinking. Instead of imagining negative things happening, imagine the best! Instead of fearing failure, imagine success! Instead of fearing rejection, imagine complete acceptance! Anything you fear, imigine the opposite instead. Instead of procrastinating and robbing yourself of the joys of life, you will instead add to life’s greatness. Instead of stress, you will thrive with positive energy.

Remember that, whether it’s fear or success, it’s all in our mind. And the thoughts that dwell in our minds lead to the type of life we lead. Do you want to live a life of fear and worry, or a life of joy, confidence and success? If it’s the latter, use your positive thoughts to destroy the fearful ones. Then put a smile on your face and live the life you were meant to live. You have nothing to fear, and you have everything to gain. Enjoy the blessings : )

A Spirit Of Power

September 3, 2011

One of my favorite Bible verses is 2 Timothy 1:7. It says God has not given us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, love, and self-discipline.

Let us take this as a reminder. God’s powerful spirit is with us at every moment of every day. Instead of putting things off because of fear of failure, let us charge right in with confidence, knowing that the Godly spirit within us enables us to accomplish anything.

What is it you are looking to accomplish today? Where is it you are looking to go? Have faith that you can ask God for help, and He will be there with you all the way. He knows the way. Just do your part and He will do His. Know that your victory is already won because of the powerful spirit within you. You can’t lose!

A Powerful Meditation

September 1, 2011

I have read about 30 self-help/mind power books during the past two years or so. One of my favorites is “The Power Of Intention” by Wayne Dyer. I’ve read the book three times over and still refer to it on a regular basis. Every time I read it, I find something that I didn’t notice or focus on before.

As I was browsing the book again, I noticed a powerful meditation technique called Japa. I remember reading about it in the book before, but I don’t usually pay attention to alternate meditation methods so I disregarded it for the most part. However, as I read about Japa again and realized how it can be used to increase power and confidence in my life, I paid much closer attention.

The author describes Japa as repeating the names of God over and over, focusing on His presence. I saw another definition on Wikipedia as simply a meditative repetition of a name of divine power. What I noticed this time that I didn’t before is that Wayne Dyer suggests doing this as you imagine something you want to accomplish in your life. Say the name Jesus as you imagine yourself succeeding at your job, with your family, other relationships, and enjoying a greater and happier life. Say the word Lord or God as you imagine yourself overcoming the obstacles currently in your way.

I have tried this myself, and it is powerful. I find it especially effective because, instead of focusing on our desire, need, or problem we are focusing on the presence of God. The peace and power that it brings is amazing. I also feel like I am releasing the situation to Him, faithfully knowing that it’s in His hands.

I recommend you try this meditation. It can be done anywhere and doesn’t take a great deal of time. Even if you do it a few minutes at a time several times during the day, it can have dramatic results. It is especially helpful during the most stressful times as it provides the assurance that God is right there helping you through. I hope it helps you as much as it’s helped me.